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One-Stop-Shop to manage ALL of yours Leisure and Corporate Business within a single platform  

We provide an all-in-one solution for all your leisure and corporate needs so you can run your travel business more effectively without spending a fortune on tools and services.

Increase Efficiency 

You can easily double your corporate clients accounts without hiring any new resource. Take advantage of the custom built booking engine for SME market.

All affiliates and agents in one travel platform

Placing all affiliates and agents under one roof will give you more control, less operating work and clear performance overview.

Book flights, hotels, rent-a-car and additional services in

one shopping cart and have a single PNR 

Having only GDS content will cripple your business and it is an absolute MUST to have a wide range of direct integrations with both low cost carriers to the hotel bed banks like, HotelBeds, SunHotels, etc.

For a travel management companies it is important to know that all non GDS segments will be added into the PNR so they can keep their existing back-office systems.

For Online Travel Agencies not having an ability to charge traveler credit card using modern payment processors and not having a tools for fraud prevention in many cases is a deal breaker.


  • Multi GDS, NDC Content, Low Cost Carriers, Charters
  • Private & Corporate Fares, Branded Fares
  • +- 3 days search, up to 9 travelers
  • One way combinable search
  • Travel Policies and advanced approval flows
  • Payment with personal, corporate and virtual CC, Cash

Flight Search Results
  • GDS Content,, HotelBeds, Hotelspro, SunHotels, Smyrooms..
  • Geo location search, Corporate Rates
  • Multi room availability and reservation
  • Multi room availability and reservation
  • Payment with personal, corporate and virtual CC, Invoice, IATA Number
  • GDS Content, Private inventory
  • Airport & City search
  • Corporate Rates
  • Payment with personal, corporate and virtual CC, Invoice, Car Vendor Billing, Avis Wizard number

Rich Content Available For Your Business!

(GDS, NDC, Direct Integrations)

  • Under development. Coming soon...


Check Out The Results We've Achieved For Some Of Our Clients...

Thompson Travel doubling the number of corporate clients 4 years in row with a custom built SME Thomalex solution

Thompsons Travel is a well established travel management company in South Africa with 40 years of experience in the industry. 

They needed a strong solution which would be able at the same time to meet all corporate policies, apply complex business rules through the booking flow, have an ability to enter private corporate rates and that onboarding new corporates would not require adding new resources for managing those accounts.

The Process

As being one of the earliest adopters and clients we worked closely in understanding the market needs, defining the set of features and modules necessary for the product to be successfully used in the South African market. Together, through the years we built one of the most robust solutions for SME market.

The Results

With the custom built solution for SME market, Thompsons was able to successfully launch and scale a new corporate accounts without increasing their operating costs. They were doubling the number of corporate accounts 4 years in a row, making an impressive boost in their business.


Thompsons Travel 


Corporate Travel


Doubling number of corporates accounts 4 years in a row


Sharon Leong

Massive increase in number of reservations made with Thomalex platform. 20x more reservations made after using our API and promoting on major Meta Engines like Momondo and JetRadar

Cheap Fare Mart is a well established online travel agency owned by Cheapfaremart LLC, an ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors)-certified tour and travel company, based in Orlando, Florida. From the very beginning they wanted to have a unique approach in promoting and selling their reservations online.   

The Process

Cheap Fare Mart approached us with a request that they need a very scalable API solution which would be able to aggregate multiple different content providers and be able to handle up to the 1 million requests per day. Their business model is to integrate and promote on major Meta Engines like Momondo, SkyScanner, JetRadar and others. 

After understanding the requirements, we adapted our API to support high demand and gave the opportunity to successfully compete with the largest agencies  in the world in a very competitive landscape. 

The Results

After the soft launch with one of the Meta sites, we immediately saw a huge conversion increase. Numbers were getting higher and higher. Once we enabled all meta engines we easily got to the point where we had 20x more reservation comparing to the other average clients. All these were done in 12 weeks period of time.


Cheap Fare Mart


Online Travel Agency


20x more monthly sales comparing to an average client


Aftaf Ahmad