If you frequently travel for business, we’re sure you often feel frustrated with the fact you have to compromise your personal travel preferences with your business needs and corporate travel policy. However, NDC has the potential to ease these struggles and make corporate travel more enjoyable.

As a new set of technology standards, NDC provides a rich and deeply personalized experience to travellers worldwide. This means their travel is easier, more comfortable, and more pleasurable. 

That said, it’s no wonder airlines are quick to embrace NDC integration. Here are some of the most attractive benefits of NDC for your corporate travel.

  • Travel agents become faster and more efficient.

With NDC integration, travel agents can easily make arrangements for their booked flights, such as choosing preferred seating, adding additional baggage, and re-ordering catering at one place, and more efficiently, since they don’t have to make bookings on the airline’s website, where this information was only available.

  • NDC offers greater cost control.

NDC integration allows airlines to offer new fares and pricing structures, enabling customers to manage their travel costs with competitive prices. This gives greater control over travel budgeting. Furthermore, it allows companies to save money on the things they don’t need. What’s more, traditional distribution channels might not have the possibility of offering cheaper fares since the distribution costs are higher, which is yet another reason for working with NDC.

  • Offers are tailored to your needs.

With NDC, travellers can easily customize their search results and get tailored offers for their flights. With NDC in place, airlines can create customer-specific fares and ancillaries personalized for specific corporate clients and their travellers. Furthermore, they can also offer better deals without waiting for uploading of fares into traditional channels. With that in mind, travel agencies can offer dynamic and client-specific offers and meet customer’s needs better. This will, ultimately, increase profit faster.

  • NDC offers a richer customer experience

Legacy systems are based on using mainframe and text-based systems that have limitations in distributing newer richer content like formatted text, images, or videos. NDC allows airlines to highlight services available with a particular fare and allow additional ancillaries for the customers. These include informing customers about baggage policies, services like WiFi or entertainment available on-board, lounge access, etc. In some cases, airlines can distribute pictures of food, drinks, seats or offer complete videos of the cabin to make an informed decision.

How to start with NDC for your corporate travel?

There are two ways you can start using NDC for your corporate travel. First, by building direct integrations with airlines’ systems (which means one airline at a time). Second way includes signing in with a technology provider.

Needles to say, the second option seems like the most efficient and cheaper. Considering the fact that individual connections can take up to six months to build. And that’s where we can help!

Thomalex got “NDC Certification” Level 3 status under the NDC Certification Program to make your corporate travel much easier, cheaper, and enjoyable. After connecting with us, you can access NDC content and choose the deals that suit your specific needs. By choosing Thomalex, you won’t have to compromise anymore. Instead, you’ll be able to use corporate travel privileges to the fullest. All you need to contact us to get started!

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