After a 1:1 Meeting at the Jan 7th TSI Travel API & Microservices Tech Symposium, Thomalex an Online Booking Tool (OBT) for TMCs and Travel Agency’s signed an API partnership licensing deal with eVisa provider Sherpa.

The corporate travel agency customers of Thomalex will be able to offer visa services to their travelers from within Resvoyage. Resvoyage is  Thomalex’s OBT. When shopping for airfare, once a traveler places flights in the shopping cart, the Resvoyage system will ask them if you want to check for visa requirements and offer the purchase within the tool. Sherpa’s eVisa service will fulfill the Visa purchase.

Thomalex partners with Sherpa to license eVisa API

Thomalex and Sherpa both met through a private 1:1 meeting at the TSI Travel API & Microservices Tech Symposium on Jan 7th.

Rastko ILIC, CEO of Thomalex said, “We participated in the first two TSI Symposiums and are happy with the connections and commercial partnerships it has created for us. TSI Symposiums’ formula of very interesting subject debates and 1:1 meetings is a great way to grow your business. In 1-day you get more than other multi-day travel tech conferences do. We are very happy to be Sherpa’s partner for eVisa. We think it is adding a great service to our customers.”

“TSI Symposiums provide a unique opportunity for larger travel companies and emerging travel tech companies to meet one-on-one for the buying and selling of APIs, Microservices, Data, and new technology. Travel companies, “Request to Attend,” TSI Symposiums as we are a private invite-only event. We vet each companies’ technology to make sure it aligns with the companies attending and the theme of the Symposium. Furthermore, we then curate the 1:1 meetings through our match-making process. This ensures there is viable interest between the two parties that meet one another, said Matt Zito, Managing Partner TSI.”

TSI Symposiums provide a high ROI for attendees and facilitate deals to get closed like the Thomalex/Sherpa deal.

Connect with Thomalex & Sherpa

Resvoyage Corporate OBT by Thomalex – Simple, easy, and cost-effective. TMCs and small to medium size agency’s can learn more about Resvoyage here.

Sherpa helps international travelers more easily move around the world. To learn about licensing Sherpa’s API go here.


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