By the end of 2019, everything looked like 2020 would be a record-breaking year for the travel industry. The number of people flying was rising, and travel agencies were booming.

Considering that by the IATA’s data for 2018, more than four billion air trips were taken around the globe, everyone was confident that 2020 would be the year that will be even more surprising. The surprise happened, but not in the way we expected it.

Instead of an adaptable growth, the travel and airline industry crashed due to COVID-19. The situation still remains bleak for its recovery. What’s more, some data says that more than 60 percent of Americans would feel unsafe to fly even 60 days after “all clear” is given.

However, it seems like the solutions for the “revival” of the travel and airline industry is on the horizon. We’re talking about the NDC, which could potentially offer tremendous value both to the airlines and travel agencies, as well as the others who partake in the travel industry such as hoteliers.

More specifically, NDC integration will offer a wider range of airline ancillary content and access to negotiated bundles. It also offers a more direct relationship with the airline. Furthermore, airlines will have the opportunity to distribute their content via multiple channels. All of this while still maintaining control of their offers and limit expenses. The bottom line – now, when the global crisis takes a significant toll on the travel industry, NDC is a way to ensure substantial revenue to the airlines and agencies by driving demand faster.

Thomalex provides end-to-end NDC booking with Hahn Air’s NDC content

That’s why we decided to do an NDC integration with Hahn Air and help you have more control over your flights and keep your revenue stable throughout the year. There are vast benefits to Hahn Air tickets, and what’s best, they apply both to GDS and NDC sales including:

– A 24/7 help-desk service.
– Streamlined process to all ticket-related issues, which both saves time and money.
– Increased safety for the agencies in case of the airline’s bankruptcy.

Furthermore, the integration we did with Hahn Air would allow access to over 350 airlines’ incremental content. What’s more, those who have already access to this content but are unable to do ticketing will be able to do it with Hahn Air. Furthermore, this integration will enable paying both with credit cards, UATP, and BSP Cash. This includes almost any market in the world.

Overall, the most significant benefit you can get from Hahn Air’s and Thomalex’s integration is in increased conversion, resulting in higher profit.

In the end, there are plenty of features and benefits that are available through this integration. We’re sure you’ll have a stellar service if you choose to be our partner on this journey.

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