Get your booking tool to work with your travel agency business model

You might be having one travel site only, or maybe a few more. Your agents might not be familiar with GDS cryptic format. You might be growing your business and having affiliates. You can even be Non IATA agency. All these business models are supported by the OBT

• Easily launch your new B2C online travel site and start generating revenue by selling your travel content to your customers. The very user-friendly interface design will appeal to any type of traveler.

• Increase your travel agents’ productivity as they use the web-based booking tool that does not require the knowledge of any of GDS cryptic format. Your offline customers will be served faster for a gain in efficiency on your side.

• You can create and manage any number of affiliate sites. Expand your business and offer your services to other non-IATA agents.

Manage your service fees, markups and discounts for improved revenue

Markup management is a very important component of your business operation as it allows you to fine tune your revenue on each travel sale. Define it by amount or percent. Manage it by airline, origin, destination, class of service, cabin and other additional parameters you can set for all your markups.

3 Main type of markups

  • Markup: A fee that you will add to a flight offer in order to generate revenue that otherwise you would not get from your sales. Markups are typically done on private fares.
  • Service Fee: A fee for your services that you will show to your customer as an addition to the air fare returned by airline.
  • Discount: Based on your business model and incentives you might want to offer specific discount. You can also have promotional discount for a brief period based on a promo code that traveler will claim in the shopping cart at time of purchase