We want to address a serious matter that has come to our attention.

It has come to our notice that individuals or entities are exploiting our company name, logo, and website URL for fraudulent activities.

We are deeply concerned about this, and we want to ensure the public is aware of these scams and takes appropriate precautions.

These scammers are falsely representing themselves as Thomalex and are posting fake job offers, luring individuals into thinking they are offering part-time employment opportunities. Later, they request victims to send money to a specified bank account.

We want to make it clear that Thomalex is NOT involved in any such activities, and we do not solicit money from job applicants.

We’ve learned of scammers using our name, logo, and the domain “thomalex . agency”, “thomalex-au . com”, “thomalex-travel . com” for fraudulent activities. They’re falsely offering part-time jobs and requesting money. Please note that “thomalex . agency”, “thomalex-au . com”, “thomalex-travel . com” are NOT affiliated with Thomalex in any way.
There might be more domains which we are not aware of.

If you encounter such scams, report them to authorities and contact us at info@thomalex.com. We’re taking legal action to address this issue. Thank you for your help in safeguarding our community from these fraudulent activities.

We take these reports very seriously and are actively working to address this issue legally. We have reported these fraudulent activities to the relevant authorities, and we are committed to cooperating with law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend those responsible.

Thomalex is actively taking measures to protect our name, reputation, and the interests of the individuals who have been affected by these scams.

Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter. Together, we can combat these fraudulent activities and ensure the safety of our community.