Thomalex Announces the Launch of a South African Subsidiary in Pretoria

Thomalex is very happy to announce the launch of its first subsidiary outside of the Unites States. The new company is named Thomalex Africa and is based in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa.

The incorporation of a South African based company is a logical move following years of Thomalex business activities in the Southern Africa region. The company is providing its corporate and leisure online booking tools to many customers in South Africa and the surrounding countries.

Thomalex Africa will provide locally focused support and commercial activities increasing the business opportunities for South African online travel agencies and TMCs.

“Africa is the cradle of humankind and, for us, South Africa was the crib of our Thomalex OBT.  It all started few years ago as we were providing API services to customers and partners in South Africa. They approached us to create a new OBT that would be extremely well adapted to their local market” said Rastko Ilic, CEO and Founder of Thomalex.

“We all cooperated to build the tool from ground up, making it uniquely adapted to small and mid-sized (SME) businesses. Since then, thanks to its flexible design, it has grown into other markets where SMEs find it very well adjusted to their specific needs.”.

“It is not a coincidence that our first subsidiary is launched in South Africa. Additionally, the country and the surrounding regions, offer a very active travel marketplace. We are very thankful to our South African customers and partners and we want to allow them to grow their business even more.” said Tijana Draganovic, Sales Manager at Thomalex.

Thomalex Africa launch is a positive message to small and mid-sized OTAs and TMCs who have been dramatically hit by the pandemic and the slowdown of the whole travel industry. Thomalex is fully dedicated to the SME travel market, worldwide, and is still totally open for business.

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