We are excited to announce a collaboration that’s poised to redefine the travel experience. Thomalex has teamed up with LATAM Airlines to seamlessly integrate their NDC content, opening up a world of possibilities for travelers and travel agencies

Empowering Traditional Travel Agencies

At Thomalex, our mission has always been crystal clear: empowering traditional travel agencies with state-of-the-art software and expertise. We’ve consistently strived to facilitate their transition into dynamic online travel agencies, ensuring they stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry. Our commitment is twofold: to enhance the traveler’s experience while supporting our partners in their journey towards digital transformation.

A Seamless Integration

The integration with LATAM Airlines’ NDC content is a significant step in our journey. NDC, or New Distribution Capability, is a travel industry standard that allows airlines to provide rich, dynamic content directly to travel agencies and other distribution channels. By integrating with LATAM’s NDC content, Thomalex will empower travel agencies to access a wealth of real-time information and personalized offers, enhancing their ability to serve their clients effectively.

Key Benefits of the Thomalex-LATAM Integration

  1. Access to Comprehensive Content: With LATAM’s NDC integration, Thomalex users will gain access to a vast inventory of flights, fares, and ancillaries in real-time. This means travel agencies can offer their clients a wider range of options, making their travel planning more flexible and tailored to individual preferences.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: The integration will enable travel agencies to provide a more personalized and streamlined booking process. Travelers can expect faster response times, up-to-date information, and the ability to customize their travel plans with ease.
  3. Competitive Advantage: For travel agencies, staying competitive is vital. With Thomalex’s integration with LATAM Airlines, our partners will be better positioned to compete in the ever-changing travel industry, offering the best services and options to their clients.

Why LATAM Airlines?

LATAM Airlines, one of the largest and most respected airline carriers in Latin America, was the natural choice for Thomalex’s latest integration. Their dedication to innovation and providing excellent customer experiences aligns seamlessly with Thomalex’s mission. With this collaboration, we are confident that our clients will benefit from LATAM’s global reach and renowned service quality.

How the Integration Works

The integration between Thomalex and LATAM Airlines is designed to be user-friendly, providing a smooth experience for travel agencies. Travel agencies using Thomalex’s platform will have access to LATAM Airlines’ NDC content through an easy-to-use interface. This interface will allow them to search, book, and manage flights, all while leveraging the real-time data and rich content provided by LATAM Airlines.

The Future of Travel Technology

In the age of digital transformation, the travel industry is continuously evolving. This integration between Thomalex and LATAM Airlines marks an exciting step toward the future of travel technology. Travel agencies that embrace this integration will be better equipped to serve their clients, offering them a comprehensive and personalized travel experience.

The Thomalex Commitment

At Thomalex, we are committed to staying at the forefront of travel technology. Our partnerships and integrations reflect our dedication to providing our clients with the best tools and resources to thrive in the travel industry. This collaboration with LATAM Airlines exemplifies our mission to enhance the traveler’s experience while supporting our partners in their journey toward digital transformation.


The Thomalex and LATAM Airlines integration is a pivotal moment in the world of travel technology. This collaboration will empower traditional travel agencies to offer a more personalized, dynamic, and competitive service to their clients. As the travel industry continues to evolve, Thomalex is here to guide and support its partners on their path to digital transformation.

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