Thomalex to offer Emirates NDC exclusive content to SME travel agencies


Thomalex is very happy to announce its partnership with Emirates through Emirates NDC-enabled direct connect platform, Emirates Gateway.


Thomalex’s goal has always been to provide the best and the richest content possible to its customers so they have a choice to expand their business in a very competitive market place. By becoming an Emirates technology partner Thomalex is now able to offer Emirates exclusive rich content and services to Thomalex SME travel agencies customers.


“In addition to our partnership, as a US-based company located in Miami, we are thrilled that Emirates has just launched its first-ever passenger service between Dubai and Miami. With its network of 12 US destinations on over 70 weekly flights, Emirates provides more choice to US travelers and we are excited that US travel agencies using our platform can expand their business and leisure travel options.”, says Rastko Ilic, CEO of Thomalex.


As a global company, Thomalex has already launched live on Emirates NDC, travel agencies in Africa and Asia with Europe coming up next.


The launching of the Emirates NDC as the latest addition to the Thomalex services is marking a milestone for the partnership between industries two innovative parties.


“With a focus on small and mid-sized travel agencies, Thomalex is able to offer the advanced and very competitive online booking capabilities so they can easily shop, sell and service unique offers from Emirates”, completed Rastko Ilic.


About Emirates


Emirates is an award-winning airline renowned for its industry-leading services in the air and on the ground. It is the world’s largest operator of the popular Boeing 777 and iconic Airbus A380 aircraft, both modern and efficient widebody aircraft types which offer the latest onboard comforts. Emirates’ global network connects over 130 cities on six continents to, and through, its hub in Dubai. The airline also contributes to vibrant communities as a prominent sponsor of sports and cultural events around the world.


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