As the year ends, we can rightfully say that 2020 was full of surprises, ups and downs we couldn’t predict even in our wildest dreams. This year changed everything we knew and considered normal. Some people lost their jobs and said their final goodbyes to their loved ones. We changed the way how we spend and shop and learned how to be more mindful in our daily activities. 


Travel was the one thing that was heavily impacted by the pandemic. At one moment we were planning our next holidays, while on the other we watched as borders closed and traffic stopped. However, as pandemic took its twist and turns, we’ve learned how to operate in the “new normal”. That said, we decided to provide you with a few tips on how to protect yourself while travelling during the pandemic.


Beware of TSA Checkpoints.


As we know, airports usually mean a lot of checkpoints which are all the places you can get jammed between people but as well fall prey to improper management of your luggage which can result in the increased risks of catching COVID-19. While passing through TSA checkpoints, make sure to keep a proper distance between your fellow passengers. Sometimes is better to wait longer, but to ensure you’re staying safe. Furthermore, make sure to ask your TSA screener to put new gloves on while handling your luggage. 


Bring sanitizing products.


Travelling during a pandemic cannot go without sanitizing products. Make sure to have a hand sanitizer (sixty-per cent alcohol ones are the best) with you while travelling, but keep sanitizing wipes close by as well. Make sure to wash your hands, but also wipe down any area you may come into contact with, including tray tables, lights, air nozzles, and armrests.


To decrease travel risk – wear a mask

Most airlines won’t let you board on a plane without a facemask on. And even though your own seat might feel like a personal space, you’re still in a public. That said wearing masks will protect you from contamination. 


Research airline policies around social distancing before booking.


Another great tip for staying safe during travel is researching airline policies around safety precautions before the travel. Make sure to research what kind of precautions airlines take to keep aeroplanes clean and their passengers and staff safe. For instance, some airlines disabled booking a middle seat, which is a good sign and indication they respect social distancing rules.


Consider going snack-free on short flights

Every time you put off your mask, you increase the chances of catching the virus, but also contaminating your fellow passengers. That said, it’s best to avoid snacking on short flights.


Clean Your Devices.

Our phones and devices are the biggest sources of germs. That said, make sure to disinfect your tech devices with sanitizing wipes after you board and then sanitize your hands one more time.


Board last and book a window seat

To avoid getting jammed in huge lines, consider boarding last. A good tip to minimize the chances of catching the virus on a flight is to book the window seat since it will keep you away from the isle.


Stay informed

To decrease travel risk, before you start planning your trip, make sure to do proper research on the number of cases for your destination. Furthermore, research travel limitations, risk factors, and quarantine decisions. Thomalex offers this information to its clients in partnership with Sitata, helping them make informed decisions that work in their best interest. For more information, you can always check our website and get in touch. We’d be glad to help!


Travel has changed a lot in the past year, but this doesn’t mean we should steer clear from flights. Simply, we have to learn how to protect ourselves and the people around us. We have to take precautions and be mindful about our actions during and after the flight, to stay safe.


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